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Play into the killer's fantasy, believe it yourself, Morgan tells Reid. 'Criminal Minds' are a terrible thing to waste. But you can read about the real thing: click hereAmazon. Are you ready to study prehistoric throwbacks from an ancient world who are wired-wrong from the get? Once you start, you'll always look over your shoulder while you pray, when you shop, and when you try to sleep. Predators are in places you never expected. This work is jammed with bizarre accounts of incredible human cruelty of every variety so much so -- caution is applied.  Contact email me at


Books In Progress

Criminal Profiling and Criminological Attention (CPCA) 2022

What if everything you knew about suspect-sketching or criminal profiling and criminal attention or police reach-outs is wrong? This book describes Criminal Profiling and Criminological Attention (CPCA) 2022 as worthy law enforcement tools. It compares those tools with the fantasy-realities by the media. One mission is to unravel the miracles of media entertainment because those miracles change real-world expectations about CPCA and the intent of justice personnel, offenders, and victims. The justice systems’ faulty CPCA processes are on a collision course with a disgruntled public, hate uprisings, and a rebellious social media and their mesmerized viewers. This collision course thickens the war on cops, intensifies predatory conduct and human trafficking, and provides celebrity status of active shooters. The public is hoodwinked into believing that victims are psychologically damaged goods and are active participants of their own victimization. These reports emerged from several hundred federal and local enforcement officers.

Compulsive Rapists and Rape Killers

The glimmer of crudity illuminated in each of the 8 accounts in this book merge with the frightening glimpse of cross-eyed creatures lurking on a different plane of existence even if they are children, cute girls or a religious leader. They are eyewitnesses to their own wickedness through a mask of sanity as they hunt, attack and triumph over prey. Yet, they don’t understand why they are neurotic rapists and killers. Learned during prison conflict management sessions over a 20 year period at several high custody penitentiaries, the drive of obsessive rapists and killers is crowded by the discovery that they are not now or were ever, whole human beings. Their obsessive violent conduct revealed in this work is that they don’t always make their own decisions. Imagine how ridiculous this sounds: before birth, the fetus became a reservoir of an evil energy. Since birth that evil energy never sleeps, and never goes away. It is for that reason, that actual goal of an obsessive rapist is to murder their prey. If you’re Satan's helper you’d say it’s a lie! Finally, those of us who have engaged predators on the streets, in combat zones, and in prisons among other environments have learned of the power of Satan, but many more of us have not allowed Satan’s energies to make choices about our conduct despite his demands. 12/05/21pub

Savages or Saints: Fake Doctors, Children and Struggles (Update: Published)

There are believers who reason that evil has to do with angels, spirits, and a deity of sorts. Legendary fables attempt to discredit any truthful investigation about the life flow of evil in all of us. This book describes the wickedness of an evil energy that never rests, never goes away, and permanently flows in every human, past, present and future. The peaceful normal-looking image looking back at you from the bathroom mirror reflects a truer representation of a potential criminally violent monster. This book paints a disturbing portrait of all of us keeping a balance between a compassion to savagely commit despicable atrocities against others, versus an attempt to show the world our virtuous ways. We simply await the opportunity or circumstance to violently engage prey sometimes for no reason. No? Think of all the existing struggles such as genocide and warfare over our planet, the violence on American streets by drivers, thugs and some cops, and in classrooms and bedrooms across the nation. Welcome to your graduate level class in Evil 505.  

Flames of Healthcare (Update: Published)

The Flames of Healthcare is an overdue investigation of the healthcare crisis which has provided each of us with pieces of its smoldering ash – one way or another. The evidence reports that most Americans including healthcare practitioners are helpless in controlling the healthcare enterprise, its prices and quality, and its medical mistakes which kills over 250,000 patients every year, and nowhere has been so obvious than with the blunders surround around the COVID-19 epidemic. Also, each year, 7,000 to 9,000 people perish as a result of a medication error, at a total cost of $40 billion. Additionally, we are all helpless in controlling prescription medication quality, costs and prescription errors, and their long term effects which could be a greater health hazard among patients such as addiction, disability, and death. The FDA estimates that 80% of the active ingredients in America's medicines come from abroad – primarily China. But that’s not all we get from China. As Chapter 10 details, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a product of the Chinese wet markets. This epidemic is a global isolator for everyone including 1.1 million infected individuals and the almost 60K globally who have died.

           Helpless healthcare providers cannot outrun federal compliance regulations which can produce criminal convictions for those medical people who leave themselves open to federal intrusion and interpretation. It is suggested that federal compliance tactics resemble a military strategic plan – ‘Shock and Awe’ which is to scare the hell out of your opponents so they won’t fight back. The federal government has created a ‘fear of prosecution’ among healthcare providers and this finding includes physicians, surgeons, and nurses whose decisions are dictated by the perception of complying with federal regulations or die. In a sense, healthcare providers especially many physicians and surgeons have been provided gold for their performance, education, and sacrifices, yet they give back silver to society and say to themselves that they are very generous.


Struggles of Addicts and Alcoholics in a Psy Unit, 2nd ed (Published)

The author along with nine others were isolated under the care and custody of a behavioral treatment unit inside a hospital located in Charlotte, North Carolina for four weeks. Each of us got to know the stories of each other during group sessions and during break periods including meal times. And while the stories of the participants are true experiences, those stories in this book don’t necessarily continue the truth but only an approximation of the truth. March 2020. 

Understanding Criminal Profiles in America under contract and review 

Recent Publications as Part of the Stubbornness of Evil Series

Justice Professionals and Paranormal Experiences from the Dark End

You realize that before criminal justice systems became prominent, there were prehistoric energies administering justice without reprieve. Some explain that those energies were attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature or apparently – God and devils. This book is based upon the true experiences of justice professionals who have experienced paranormal encounters that interfered with their performance as police and correctional officers, prosecutors, and scholarly researchers. 

Brutal Truths of Female Sexual Predators and Ancient Demons is a fictional account of obscure journeys of children making conscious decisions to brutally victimize other children. Their skills to ‘stage’ crime scenes, victims and themselves as victims will twist your soul, finally, towards prayer. ‘All’ of the decadent spirits of the alt-right are merely distractions powered by ancient demonic energies while ‘it’ engages America in their hyperendemic destruction. America’s sophisticated technological, scholarly, and military superiorities are easily compromised by Joe—or in this case, Joanna.

Toxic Criminal Behavior: Avengers and Copycats evidence shows that whether we're educating, praying, or just enjoying a quiet evening at home, toxic violence is a competitive American pursuit that is celebrated and rivaled by others including its victims.  


float: left; border-width: 3px; margin-right: 10px; margin-left: 10px;Brutal Truths Of Young Female Predators, 2nd ed is a fictional account of obscure journeys of children making conscious decisions to hunt and brutally victimize other children. Their skills to ‘stage’ crime scenes and themselves as victims will curl your soul. The purpose of this work is to convey truth, not truth itself. 

HelplesslyHelplessly We Fall: Lovers, Killers and Salvation: A lion roams to the edge of its pen. Across a huge trench, it stares at its prey – you, and you’re staring back. There are no ancient rituals that will change the arrangement – predator and prey. Yet, if the trench were a bridge the lion will fulfill its destiny according to god-given genetics. Forget salvation. Even your god is helpless as the lion tears into your flesh.

Stories by..Stories By Sweet Female Offenders Who Will Find You and Dig Your Grave: Did you wonder why the ladies commit unreported and heinous crimes more than men? I don’t think you’re sure if that’s true or not! Come along on this journey and find answers for yourself.

City SorrowsCity Sorrows: Political Parasites, Plague and Democracy: a story of biological warfare and how the shallow promises of democracy diverted the quality of medical care to ‘certain’ victims rather than to all victims who must rely on a patch, pray and love remedies to survive. And yes, those are my eyes! 


Cops At Risk: Health, Homicide and Litigation 2017

Cops At Risk is about police officers, street cops - the risks of their volatile occupational environment and exchanges with suspects, victims, among other individuals. It’s about the effect of those risks upon his or her performance and their individual well being.  

Book CoverIntroduction to American Policing 2nd ed, Jones & Bartlett 2017

An Introduction to American Policing continues to engage students with a balanced yet critical investigation of police history and theory. This comprehensive text connects the US criminal justice system, criminology, and law enforcement knowledge to the progress of the police community. Updated case studies and narratives from violators along with current research help students understand the central theories and practical realities of American law enforcement. This leading-edge textbook will satisfy both scholars, who lean toward theoretical perspectives, and practitioners, who favor practical recommendations. This work is an exciting and modern resource that will challenge and encourage readers to understand, imagine, reflect, and exercise good judgment when thinking about the principal issues related to American policing moving toward 2020.

Book CoverPredatory Nation: Historical Fiction 2017

With the current fight-fire with fire President, more predators will find their way to your heart or your classroom. “How many more Americans would you have killed if you hadn't fought in war?” the Pres asks Rosen. Every leader from every civilization since time began used gods, guns, and guts (or lies) to recruit their best and their worst without prejudice. You’ll enjoy the stepping stones from Chicago street gangs to the Oval Office, yet this is a tale of relationships, seduction, and murder.

Dennis J StevensCops and Docs: Will They Help Us?  Commercial Fiction 2016

It is no longer ‘if’ an attack will happen, the invasion is in progress, orchestrated by agitators who fuel race-hate among Americans, push suicide disease carriers into American prisons, and it was Iranians who wanted Trump elected, forget the Russians. Given that America is the primary target of extremists, bio-weapons are the suicidal terrorists' perfect choice. Utilizing modern tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina as a social laboratory, predictions about the preventable death of victims in poverty paint a disturbing picture of their continual hopelessness, although Cops and Docs glorifies a ‘renaissance of capitalism.’ Bluntly, Cops and Docs is a story void of social justice because the evidence shows that if you’re black and poor, you die first.

Book Cover

City Boys and Girls: Assassins, Predators and Lovers 2015

Christian and Muslim empires battle for control of Destiny, a supercomputer that sways opium growth, weather conditions, and global dominance. In hot pursuit are city boys and girls leaving Caliphs, Dubai, and Boston universities, high ranking military families, a Kentucky mining town, mixed in with a few Harvard shrinks and African kings. Stevens a nationally recognized criminologist weaves frightening predator profiles throughout his book and an American justice system that fights fire with fire accomplishing nothing more than ashes.   



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