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Dr. Dennis J. StevensPlay into the guy's fantasy, believe it yourself, Morgan tells Reid. 'Criminal Minds' are a terrible thing to waste. But you can read about the real thing: Go to Books Articles for Sale on This Website or click this Amazon  One mission of Justice Writers of America JWA (click on left of screen) is to provide online books, scholarly studies, and articles in the field of criminal justice. Are you ready to study prehistoric throwbacks from an ancient world who are wired-wrong from the get? As my picture (left) shows, once you start - there's NO EXIT! My work is jammed with bizarre accounts of incredible human cruelty of every variety so much so -- caution is applied.


Ambushed Cop Killers, August 2016 see side ribbon

3rd Ed. Inside the Mind of the Serial Rapist. Summer 2017

2nd Ed. Intro to American Policing. Jones and Barlett, Spring 2017

Criminal Justice and Public Health: MRSA and other Deadly Pathogens. Kendall Hunt, January 2015

The Lyon Roars 2nd in series. Fall 2016. See dropdown for details and pitch.

Predatory Nation, Fall 2016. Historical Fiction. See Dropdown for details.  

Dennis J StevensCops and Docs: After A Bioterrorist Attack, Will They Help Us? Commerical Fiction 2015

Given that America is the primary target of extremists, Ebola is the suicidal terrorists' perfect weapon against America. Cops and Docs is about the quality of care provided by emergency first responders regulated by law and certification. Justice and healthcare providers individually decide who is a deserving victim and who is undeserving. Utilizing modern tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina as a social laboratory, predictions about the premature death of victims in poverty paint a disturbing picture of hopelessness and despair. Although Cops and Docs glorifies a renaissance of capitalism, it is a story void of social justice and compassion. Bottom line, when tragedy strikes, if you're black and poor, you die first. It is no longer "if" an attack will happen, the invasion is in progress, orchestrated by ISIS agitators who fuel race-hate and push suicide disease carriers into American prisons.    

  City Boys and Girls: Assassins, Predators and Lovers

Christian and Muslim empires battle for control of Destiny, a supercomputer that can enhance opium growth, control weather, and guarantee financial global dominance. In hot pursuit are city boys and girls leaving Caliphs and generals, Dubai and Boston universities, a few Harvard shrinks, a wishful African King, and a wicked ISIS agent. Although love and friendship start this story, Stevens, a nationally recognized criminologist weaves shattered violence and lethal obsessions whining through various masquerades of twisted clashes between gods, betrayal and entrapment. 

Criminal Justice Pursuit 

Criminal Justice Pursuit is a free, educational website helping students earn a criminal justice degree with information about programs, online colleges, and criminal justice careers.

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