Dennis J. Stevens, PhD
Wicked Women

Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predators

Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predators
by Dennis J. Stevens, PhD


In Wicked Women, Dennis J. Stevens, a criminology professor and prison counselor, shares the fascinating life stories of fifteen gorgeous, yet super rich super predators. He details their early life experiences and criminal activities through the time they interacted with him in prison. Withholding their names and identities, Stevens presents disturbing evidence and chronicles the long, destructive journeys of these super predators. Dr. Stevens spent several years among high-risk felons in some of the most heavily researched penitentiaries in America while teaching criminology at various universities. He uses his vast professional experience to create fictional vignettes based on real-life situations, offering a glimpse into the souls of creatures who carry out wicked acts under the cover of a mask of sanity. While presenting bizarre accounts of incredible human cruelty of every variety—including border raids, brutal beatings, cannibalism, sexual homicide, and gang warfare—Dr. Stevens provides a never-before-seen look into the backgrounds and twisted minds of people like Margo, a transgendered drug addict obsessed with setting fires particularly fires on the genitals of young boys, and Mary, a former New Orleans police officer convicted of massacring her partner, his lover, and his children. Without censorship or interference from political police, Wicked Women presents eye-opening, unforgettable accounts of the outrageous thoughts and gruesome destruction of super predators. Buy it today and get all the facts!