Dennis J. Stevens, PhD
Wicked Women

Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predators

Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predators: presents disturbing evidence archiving the long yet authentic, destructive journeys of 15 super predators on the writer’s caseload at prison, all of whom are white, drop dead gorgeous, and super rich. Their stories detail their early life experiences and criminal activities from early memories to up to their conviction. Stevens offers a glimpse into the souls of creatures who hide wicked cruelty behind a mask of sanity. Stevens provides a look into the twisted minds of young women like Margo, a transgendered drug addict obsessed with setting fires upon the genitals of beach boys whom she seduces while her lover watches in disgust. And Anna’s massacre of her police officer husband, her lover, and rivals in her excusive university drug trade. Lilith also comes to mind. Her father’s organization controlled most of the brothels in Boston and New York. Lilith was his understudy until he was accidently killed in a bazaar auto accident, of sorts. She put a new spin on importing youngsters from all over the world and mentoring them into the ‘profession.’ Without censorship or interference from political police, Wicked Women presents eye-opening, unforgettable accounts of the gruesome destruction of rich super predators. 

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