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Sexual Homicide

Stages of compulsive sexual homicide from a longstanding and developing urge to kill which itself is eroticized (sexualized). Buy the book for details: Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predators

The first stage relates to a thinking disorder which I have suggested in the form of a flawed thinking process. For instance, Margo typical of all the participants in Wicked Women explained that while she was being transported to prison, the driver of the vehicle continued his warnings (about prison life) but in a way that made her "feel better. He made me feel like a girl. I liked that. I kept saying to him, okay; yeah that makes sense. Then I'd cry a little bit and catch myself. But I couldn't help to think that this was all a mistake. A dream that turned bad and hard just like the one God played on me making me a girl in a body with boy's weapon. For sure, I thought, I'd be out of prison in a few weeks. Some new assistant prosecutor would jump in and save the day with evidence that I, Margo should not spend the rest of her life in prison. I mean, oh my god, I'm only 25 years old. As I looked out the darkened windows of the van I saw it - the prison walls jumped into view; the state prison for women." Margo's flawed thinking is also typified by her ideas that she never belonged in prison. I wonder if all her victims including her twin brother would agree with her thoughts. Also we discovered that Margo's twin wasn't a female but a male and apparently Morris was besieged by homosexual thoughts thereby altering her sex would somehow help her feelings for him. Then, too, sexual feelings for your brother might be considered flawed by some observers. Another example of flawed thinking is mentioned by sixteen year old Sweet Jenny Lee who explained that a few days after she ran away from home and to avoid a felony prosecution, police arrived at a McDonalds on the southern side of town on another matter. When one of the officers recognized Sweet Jenny Lee, she ran to the lady's room. The officers pursued her. Entering the room, they heard a crash. Sweet Jenny Lee broke the lady's room mirror with the garbage container, and now stood in front of them with a chunk of the broken mirror in her hand which was wrapped with toilet paper. While her blood flowed to the ground, Jenny Lee uncaringly charged the officers. In the process of subduing her attack, she spat on them, bite the face of one officer and drew blood, and used excessive foul language. After her hand was treated (from the broken glass) at the hospital's emergency ward, the officers processed her at the police station. It was then that she claimed to their superiors that both officers "touched her down there."

The second stage is when a plan is created to commit a violent criminal act which can refer to premeditation or show that the offender has the intent to commit a predatory crime. This stage among the super predators in Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predatorsis pervasively described in every vignette in this work. For instance, similar to other super predators, Sweet Jenny Lee selects victims with care. When Sweet Jenny Lee selected Stacy and her children to abduct and to terrorize, she knew she could persuade Stacy who was mentally challenged to follow her to the abandoned mansion on the beach. She also thought that "the cops would never check to see if I screwed (sexually assaulted) with Stacy or her frig'en kids. After all, Sweet Jenny Lee theorized, "I'm sixteen. So what the f...... I ain't going to do anything as disgusting as screw with a retard and her kids." The sad fact is that the police never examined Stacy or her children. Furthermore, it wasn't by accident that Sweet Jenny Lee became visible at McDonalds to the officers and then attacked them. Imagine a skinny child confronting two police officers and attacking them. She had other choices, but chose a popular spot "to hide." In her journal she wrote, "you should have seen the look on the f.... faces of those cops when I jumped from the john with a weapon...."

Keeping Sweet Jenny Lee's real personality hidden to most everyone she encountered in prison was a drain on her, but similar to other sexual predators, it's standard operating procedure (SOP). Consider what Sweet Jenny Lee told the intake officer, "I ain't no slut, I'm just me." Psychopaths present masks of sanity to hide their real occupation.

The third stage relates to internal emotional tension reported through every vignette in Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predatorsas is the elimnation of a socially approved lifestyle except when required to 'front' for good guy. For instance, similar to her revenger colleagues, Soccer mom Tammy requires personal gratification despite her inability to play fair. She cared for her materialistic lifestyle, the one her parents provided even though there was little love shared, and that translated to leading the double-life of a good girl, a good wife, and a good mother but also living the life of a stone cold predator.

Fourth Stage: compulsive sexual homicide offenders know that satisfactory execution of their crime requires their attention, calmness, and calculation. For instance, Dory typically explained that she saw her man's lover. She "was right, but very sorry wrong. Britt was 'in' (intercourse) his (young) daughter and his hands were on my son." He froze when he saw Dory, but maybe her wild accusing eyes said it all or maybe it was the knife in her hand. She sliced his throat without hesitation; blood gushed in every direction including to her face and lips. In that split second, the little girl's eyes widened, Dory pushed the blade into her little chest. "Die you fifty whore," Dory reported. Her son clung to her without so much as a tear. She pushed Britt's body to the floor (of the cab of the truck) and pitched his daughter on top of him. Dory reached down and touched the girl's vagina, and brought her moistened fingers to her lips and to the lips of her son. She covered the two of them with a blanket; the rest of the night, after wiping blood from the windows and her face and hands, she held her son but not tight and the two of them fell asleep.

The fifth stage suggests that the mind adjusts itself and understands that the thinking process that caused the commission of the criminal act was flawed and the mind makes adjustments in order to prevent further criminal activity. This seems to be the case of the predators in Wicked Women, they never stop and continue to operate in a cycle between stages two and four.

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