Dennis J. Stevens, PhD

    • "Dr. Stevens has been both a colleague and personal friend for many years, and I— like many others in the justice field I am well familiar with his distinguished record of productive scholarship. ... As a writer, he has more titles to his name then all the professors in an academic department of the largest university in the country." Dr. Frank Schmalleger, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Author of CJ Today, Criminology Today, and many other books distributed in university classrooms across North America.
    • "Dr. Stevens is a positive contributor to the justice system, academia, and students everywhere. I strongly recommend him and his scholarly work. He is a colleague whom I would recommend to hire at UN Las Vegas without hesitation." Dr. Randall G. Shelden, Professor and Chair. University of Nevada Las Vegas. 
    • "I have learned a lot from Stevens' work, and I am sure you will, too. His scholarly work is above reproach. He sets the standards for his colleagues, students, and admirers." Dr. Larry Siegel, University of Massachusetts Lowell. Author of Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, and many other books distributed in university classrooms across North America. 
    • "At the dawn of the twenty-first century, police and the public find themselves joined together in a dance, and they both have sore toes to show for it. They need each other, but are afraid of getting too close. (Stevens) addresses all of those issues. There are specific lessons that the reader can carry away... crafted by my colleague, Professor Dennis J. Stevens." Dr. Wesley G. Skogan, Institute for Policy Research Northwestern University. 
    • "Welcome to an exciting time in policing. As police philosophies have evolved, so, too, have policing innovations and advances in technology, equipment, and forensic sciences. These tools — both theoretical and practical — offer today's officers more option and, in many instances, better outcome. Dr. Dennis J. Stevens delves into just those questions (through his) in-depth (studies and) comprehensive look at the world from the inside out, complete with research findings and perspectives from front-line workers on the job." Chief Theron Bowman, Ph.D. Arlington Police Department Arlington, Texas. 
    • "Dennis J. Stevens has put together an eclectic group of agencies differing in size, type of jurisdiction, and approaches to implementation. As such, (his work) provides important incites for ongoing development and a glimpse inside the debates and challenges that lie ahead." Dr. David L. Carter, National Center for Community Policing Michigan State University. East Lansing, Michigan. 
    • "Dennis is well received by his peers, probably first and foremost because of his pleasant personality. Second, he is well known for his publications. His books are used by faculty and students all across the country and are well received. He publishes in a variety of journals and trade publications that garner much attention and have helped to advance our knowledge and understanding of policing and corrections. He has my full support..." Dr. Willard M. Oliver, Sam Houston State University. Huntsville, Texas. 
    • "Dr. Stevens' publication record is enviable and beyond reproach in terms of quality and quantity. His journal articles appear in mainstream referred journals and his books and monographs are published with prestigious companies specializing in the field of criminology and criminal justice. I recently used his book Inside the Mind of a Serial Rapist in my graduate course on crime typologies and victimization. My students found his study to be both fascinating and informative. A review of Dr. Stevens' past experiences at institutions of higher learning show his commitment to excellence and his versatility as a valued professor and learned colleague." Dr. William E. Thornton, Professor and Chair. Loyola University of New Orleans. New Orleans, Louisiana. 
    • "Dr. Stevens' record of scholarship is outstanding. He has established himself as solid scholar and a leader. He is a high-energy person with original ideas. On the combination of his (university) teaching, scholarly and leadership capabilities, I would place Dr. Stevens' abilities in the top rank of any faculty I have seen in the most prestigious colleges and universities across the country. I am confident that Dr. Stevens' energetic approach to his work will infuse his relations with faculty, staff, and students wherever he works. I recommend him (and his scholarly works) with highest enthusiasm." Dr. Siamak Movahedi. Professor and Chair. University of Massachusetts Boston. Boston, Massachusetts. 
    • "I strongly recommend Dr. Stevens upon my personal knowledge of his work, my awareness of students evaluations of his performance, and his impressive and prolific record of research and publication/professional presentation. He has boundless energy, writes and publishes continuously, and recruits aggressively. He makes it his business to develop good working relationships with social service agencies. He is genuinely interested in student growth and success, works with students on research projects, takes them to conferences and helps them to find employment upon graduation or to gain admission to graduate school. His scholarly work is above reproach." Dorothy C. Whitley, VP Academic Affairs. Mount Olive College. Mount Olive, North Carolina.