Dennis J. Stevens, PhD
Portrait of a Killer

Five Characteristics of Wicked Killers

There is a lot of information and misinformation about the characteristics of cold stone killers particularly about females who kill, devastate, and ravage children, adults, and strangers. I'll focus on five characteristics found among my participants as profiled in Wicked Women: A Journey of Super Predators, and I'll add thoughts from Inside the Mind of a Serial Rapist and my other books and studies.

  • What you will read may not fit your ideas or the misguided efforts of those amazing a capella entertainers because my intention is to offer an alternative theory of stone cold murderers rather than the traditional theoretical view that so easily fits those seeking their moment of fame by dropping us down a rabbit or optimisim hole of shame.  

The most observable characteristics among cold stone female killers are extreme selfishness, detachment, predisposed intent, goal driven, and early criminal behavior.

1. Extreme Selfishness

  • One salient or relevant characteristic evident when dealing with cold stone killers is their seFlawed Thinkinglf-centeredness. Everything, every thought, every action benefits them either at the moment or tomorrow or next week; beyond that, little matters. Therefore, I can argue with a great degree of confidence that wicked women killers possess a thinking disorder, or flawed thinking  manifestations which help them decide what crime they want to commit at the moment. 
  • They're goal driven. The goal? Criminally violent behavior or simply jay-walking. For instance, Margo explained in Wicked Women that when she was transported to prison, the driver of the prison vehicle warned her about prison life but in a way that made her "feel better. He made me feel like a girl. I liked that....But I couldn't help but think that this was all a mistake. A dream that turned bad ... I'd be out of prison in a few weeks.... [I] should not spend the rest of [my] life in prison." Margo's flawed thinking is also typified by her idea that she never belonged in prison; never had she committed a crime. I wonder if her victims, including those she torched (burned) and her twin brother (Margo was born a male), would agree with her. 
  • Another example of flawed thinking is mentioned by sixteen-year-old Sweet Jenny Lee (in Wicked Women), who explained that a few days after she ran away from home and to avoid a felony (kidnapping and sexual assault) prosecution, police arrived at a McDonalds on another matter. When one of the officers recognized Jenny Lee, she ran to the lady's room. The officers pursued her. So, this small teen-aged girl attacked two very large police officers with a piece of broken mirror. It comes down to the fact that you can't bargain, reason, or intimidate women killers; they understand the wishes and threats of others but they are obsessed with fulfilling their own goals. Women killers believe that rules and morals are for weak people who obey because conformists fear punishment. Women killers know how to invade personal space, how to confuse psychologists, how to blame the victim, and how to turn the tables to capitalize on circumstances.

2.  Detachment

  • Because stone cold women killers are psychologically or emotionally detached from everyone and everything, they lack the emotional social bond consistent with the emotional bond most of us have. We can feel the pain or the suffering or the happiness of others. We possess compassion. A picture speaks a thousand words especially about compassionate Americans who are sworn and trained to kill. Clearly this unknown American hero (pictured here) is different from these killers. 

Detachment means a lack of empathy, guilt, or feelings. For instance, Soccer Mom Tammy in Wicked Women requires personal gratification, despite her inability to play fair.

  • Soccer Mom Tammy cared for her materialistic lifestyle, and that meant she had to lead a double life—an amazing wife and an awesome mother, but Tammy had always wanted to commit cold stone murder. 
  • Then too, most of the cold stone female predators I've counseled or taught in prison have been gorgeous females with a lot of brains and a lot more balls than most of the male predators I've met.
  • Detachment can also mean this individual has few buffers linked to their decisions about behavior but a closer look shows that they possess a predisposition of intent to commit violent crimes.

3. Predisposed Intention

  • The guilty mind or what can be described as humans who have been wired-wrong. Women killers (and males too) are born with a genetic predisposition  toward criminally violent behavior. Although female killers deliberately cheat others and are conscious of their decisions and their behavior, they appear unable to distinguish adequately between their own pseudo (not genuine)-intentions, pseudo-remorse, pseudo-love, and the genuine responses of a normal person. It can appear to pseudo-experts too that female killers are manipulative, superficial and insincere, and live a superficial charm parasitic lifestyle similar to Soccer Mom Tammy above. Yet to experts, it's clear that female killers (and probably males too) have little social cohesion as explained above and since they possess the intent to violate others! All they require is opportunity. Consequently to attack, torment, and kill is an outcome of their goal obsessed behavior.
  • Outsiders describe them as pathological liars, which they (both) are, yet what is the value of truth to a cold stone killer? Even in short or long relationships including marriage, they are sexually active with many others. A women killer tends to lack "eros." There's no love! Never underestimate the degree of sophistication that a female killer would utilize for example to entice children and their caretakers.
  • People who cannot contain their urges to harm (or kill) people repeatedly for no apparent reason are assumed to suffer from some mental illness. However, they may be more cruel than crazy, they may be choosing not to control their urges, they know right from wrong, they know exactly what they're doing, and they are not insane, at least according to the consensus of most scholars. What happens when a psychopath is a cop or judge? For instance: Antoinette Frank,Antoinette Frank (pictured here) a former New Orleans Police (NOPD) Officer was convicted of three cold blooded murders. In Wicked Women, there were three law enforcement officers with similar accounts which include Mary Bayuga (NOPD), Mickey Stone (Boston PD), and Janelle Gregg (FBI).

4. Goal Driven

  • Although there are other emotional triggers that set killers toward ruthless behavior, they are always searching to fulfill their goal consistent with constant stimulation or pleasure, total dominance or control, or constant revenge. They possess a need for continual action and are highly prone to boredom. "Oh the thrill of it all," explains Anne in Wicked Women. Psychologically they require revocation of conditional release making them at times impulsivity and irresponsibility.
  • Women who kill are blocked from fulfillment at deep levels, and are not unnaturally pushed toward some sort of divertissement. Even weak impulses, petty and fleeting gratifications, are sufficient to produce in her injudicious, distasteful, and even outlandish misbehavior to the point of cold stone murder.
  • Think about Susan Smith (pictured here; she happens to share my birthday 9/26) in South Susan SmithCarolina who was convicted of murdering her 3 year old and 14 month old sons by strapping her little babies down in the back seat of her Mazda and driving the vehicle into the John D. Long Lake in Union, South Carolina. They drowned. It was said by experts that the poor girl (Susan) was devastated before the murders when she read a Dear John letter from her lover. She rushed to her husband who also rejected her.
  • Those experts explained that Smith was living out delusional dreams which in reality were a combination of grotesque lies, deceit, lust and narcissism. On one hand she was deeply depressed that her lover and husband rejected her, but she was sexually involved with three other men plus her lover and husband at the same time. In Wicked Women Brandeis used her son as a sexual tool, Dory fatally stabbed her boyfriend's daughter and shared the child's vaginal fluid with her own young son, and Lilly taught her young sons the female art of prostitution. Lest we forgot the concerns of Casey AnthonySee my blog





5.  Early Criminal Behavior

  • Stone cold female killers characterize the intention of destructive behavior early in their childhood see predisposition above. One day, when the opportunity presents itself through circumstance or manipulation, sexual homicide—among other foul acts—follow as a natural progression, consistent with the means (physical strength and skill) of the violator. In Wicked Women, for instance, at 14 years old, this villian broke into the home of the child whom the teenager often babysat after school. Because this predator lacked the physical power and sexual tools to rape Tabitha's mother, props were used. This was the second attempt! This timeWhich one is it? a noose was tied around her neck. Amphetamines were shoved down her throat. This wicked offender knew that Tabitha's mom was sound asleep because she had consumed whiskey earlier that evening until she dropped. Now straight pins were forced through her nipples, her wrists were tied to the bed and she was choked until she agreed first to oral sex. Our wicked predator would return many times for similar activies. The case was never reported to police. See if you can guess which teenager in this photo is our little babysitter? 
  • Had any of the super predators in Wicked Women possessed the expertise, physical size, and opportunities to commit violent crimes earlier in their lives than they described, a strong likelihood exists that they would have committed those crimes. The intention to engage in violent crimes, especially sexual crimes and murder, was always present. An analogy might be similar to a recovering alcoholic—the urge to drink is always present, demanding fulfillment.
  • For instance, here's what Annie says (in Wicked Women) about some of earliest recollections about "creating a fuss." When she was a first grader, she wrote that a lot of "stuff happened." Fire Works!One account shows that when Annie's sister whined about Annie's behavior in first grade, "and since Angela was bigger," Annie had to try a number of ways to stop her, but nothing worked. Until, "there was a pot of boiling water on the stove and I tried to splash it on her but it was too heavy...I said it was an accident. I knew next time to scoop a cupful of water from the pot, but something else happened and I'm glad for it. I waited till she was asleep and lit up her blankets. My parents knew that wasn't an accident but they ignored my attacks on my sister. They searched my room for matches, but didn't find any. That meant it was open season on my big sister. What worked was fire and she never messed with me after that."