Dennis J. Stevens, PhD
NEW Cops At Risk

Cops at Risk: Homicide, Litigation and Disease, release May, 2018. American military veterans kill themselves at a rate of 22 to 25 a day because America failed them. Now, America is caught in another battle with events that are as strange as they confusing among cops and citizens. With political battle cries against poverty and immigrants, expect a rise in mass imprisonment of helpless populations. But wait! Similar battle cries are heard to handcuff those sworn to serve and protect regardless of their safety. Cops fall victim to homicide, litigation, and unhealthy circumstance resulting in the curbing of human right’s practices. The culprit? Mysterious street groups suddenly appear basing cops, businesses, and communities, but once unmasked, their self-serving agenda is to destroy America from within. Blame, too, government’s regulatory compliance to appease those mysterious groups by criminalizing officer conduct no matter how honorably they serve. This scenario paints a disturbing picture for America at a time when the integrity of elected officials, authoritarian government resolutions, and global retribution potentials, appear to mirror the agenda of those mysterious groups. Crazy, right?