Dennis J. Stevens, PhD
Criminal Profiler

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How do I become a criminal profiler?

The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology SPCP says that criminal profilers look at data derived from crime scenes to make predictions about the likely characteristics of unknown serial offenders. The FBI originally developed profiling techniques and were the primary people doing profiling. The FBI now also trains local and state police officers to do profiling. There are also a few private organizations, staffed primarily by retired FBI agents, that offer training in profiling. Although there are a few psychologists nationwide who are involved in providing profiling services to law enforcement, it is probably safe to say that the vast majority of profilers are police officers. All training is currently provided by law enforcement agencies, and is typically open only to law enforcement personnel. Even among police officers, very few receive training in profiling. This is a highly specialized activity, and is an unrealistic career goal for most people, even if you are fortunate enough to be able to join the FBI. It should be clarified that the FBI does not have a position of criminal profiler. Check their website: