Dennis J. Stevens, PhD
Cops At Risk

May 2019

Cognella Academic Press        

       In the struggle for democracy and equality, the strife among the poor for social justice is an old story of good and evil. In contemporary America, there’s a champion defending rights and the pursuit of happiness – law enforcement. Yet, Cops at Risk asks: who protects America’s protectors from the mass disruption of unrestrained politicians, California wildfires, vicious criminals, hate groups, and diseased suspects and victims? Little doubt that since the war on drugs failed, a new adversary materializes - cops. And the war on cops targets cops as disposable, too.

        The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly urge an assessment of at-risk occupations such as police officers. The approach of Cops at Risk is driven by a balance of the accounts of courageous officers, scientific theories from reliable scholars and an investigative analysis on both the violence and unwise decisions by the poor in a theater of manipulation by the wealthy through compliance mandates dictating officer performance regardless of risks or those officers face relentless federal prosecution.

         After a read of this work, readers will recognize the central theories and practical realities of American law enforcement and the quality-of-life amenities provided through police services. One goal of Cops at Risk is to aid a reader to think for herself or himself, to recognize the differences between the way policing “should be” while connecting the dots of evidence suggesting “the way it is.” As always, the author desires students of justice to imagine, to reflect, and to exercise good judgment when thinking about the principal issues related to one of America’s most valued treasures – the cops.